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The pseudoscience of primamistry consists out of statements, beliefs, research that claimed to be both philosophical and scientific. For centuries humans and animals live together. Relationship between humans and animals began to mix. Humans start to impersonating animals. Animals with human language and facial characteristics where created for example in animated movies. Mix of animal and human features on Snapchat. Animals doing human activities. Humanizing an animal like its part of the family. But it doesn't go any further than this. Reading a human hand is full of meaning. According to palm readers it is not possible to read the paw of a animal. But why not? The claim is that an animal has no love. They act more instinctively or impulsively. They don't have a career and so on. Humans feel superior to animals, even our ancestors. We cannot imagine that a spirutule experience can also happen to them. This research focuses on primates (our ancestors) and investigates what the hands of a primate tell us.